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Hoback Fence provides several solutions for your residential fencing needs. Unsure of the type of fence that will work best for you? Don't worry; the professionals will solve your fencing needs. Here at Hoback Fence, we provide our customers with the best materials around: wood, aluminum/wrought, chain link, and vinyl. We are here to provide our customers with the security and best exterior design that they deserve. Contact Hoback Fence today to get started on solving your fencing needs or click the pictures below to learn more about each material.


Privacy Fencing
For your traditional look we suggest going with a wooden privacy fence. Privacy fences help keep animals and children in while keeping neighbors out. Wooden fences can easily be personalized by staining or painting the wood. They also blend in well with flowers and other landscaping decor for that more natural look.
Vinyl Fencing
If you are looking for privacy but not that wooden traditional look, a vinyl fence is what you are looking for. Vinyl fences do not require any staining or painting for their up keep. These types of fences require low maintenance.  
Chain Link Fence Builder
Chain link fences remain a popular choice. One of the main reasons why chain link fences are so popular is because their affordability. Chain link fences allows you to see activity on the other side.
Aluminum fence material
Besides style, aluminum/ wrought fences are popular because of their low maintenance. Aluminum/wrought fences do not rust and are easy to clean. These fences come in many designs and shapes to compliment your home and taste.
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