Signs you Need to Replace Your Wooden Fence

  • By Kayla Arnold
  • 19 Apr, 2017

4 Signs That It's Time

Leaning Fences

If you have a leaning fence and think you can fix it by simply straightening it, don't. Leaning of a fence is an indication that the fence post is weakening. After the leaning begins, troubles such as warped or broken fence boards will follow.

Splintering of the Wood

Splintering of the wood and cracks indicate that the wood is weakening and will begin falling apart.

Holes in the Wood

Walk around your fence and look to see if there are any holes in the boards. If there is, these holes were created by insects, wildlife, or microorganisms. There is a chance that those insects, wildlife, or microorganisms have moved on to another board and are going to be causing you greater problems in the future.

Broken or Missing Boards

One of the more obvious ways to tell you need to replace your fence is if there are missing or broken boards.
By Kayla Arnold 24 Aug, 2017
Hoback Fence also provides for sale the same high-quality materials that we use when building fences. The available materials are aluminum, vinyl, wood, chain link, and pipe fence. If you'd like materials for a DIY project, or need some instruction on best practices, we're your one stop-shop.  

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By Kayla Arnold 24 Aug, 2017
Are you wanting to spruce up your yard but don't have a lot of time to dedicate? We found these eight plants that will bring color and beauty to your yard with minimal work!

01.) Firewitch Dianthus
The flowers on this plant resemble small carnations.

02.) Bloody Cranesbill
Grown for its palmate foliage and pale pink cup-like flowers in summer.

03.) Elijah Blue Fescue
Evergreen ornamental grass with blue-gray foliage and blue-green flowers.

04.) Burgundy Carousel Japanese Barberry
deep purple leaves, yellow flowers in spring, red fruit in fall and thorns.

05.) Variegated Ribbon Grass
The Strawberries & Cream Ribbon Grass is banned where it is not native.

06.) Winter King Hawthorn
Bright red fruit grow on the winter king hawthorn through winter.

07.) Jules Verne Peony
This perennial is known for its fragrant double pink flowers.

08.) Velvet Cloak Smoke Tree
The velvet cloak smoke tree has beautiful, deep purple leaves.

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By Kayla Arnold 16 May, 2017

1) When is the best time to have a fence installed? (winter, spring, etc.)

Spring, Summer, Fall - As long as it is above 40 degrees.

2) Once someone contacts you, what is the next step? (what happens at a

bid) - We set up a time and day to measure their property and discuss

different types of fencing they may interested in. I bring brochures and

sometimes have samples with me too. After that, we will email them the bid

on paper.

3) After a bid has taken place and the contact decides to go with Hoback

Fence, how long does the process take? It really depends on how busy we

are. Usually it takes us about 2 weeks.

4) After the fence is in place, is there a time frame that the client must

wait to do any yard work around the fence?  We don't like anyone touching

the fence for at least a week so the concrete can settle up. But if the

posts will have lots of landscaping done around them, I would probably

wait 2 weeks to be safe. They can still mow and weed eat like normal.

5) Who does the digrite? We do the digrite so the customer won't have to

mess with contacting them and so we have record that the digrite was

complete. It's the law! 

By Kayla Arnold 19 Apr, 2017
If you have a leaning fence and think you can fix it by simply straightening it, don't. Leaning of a fence is an indication that the fence post is weakening. After the leaning begins, troubles such as warped or broken fence boards will follow.

By Kayla Arnold 22 Feb, 2017
Follow the following steps to prepare your lawn for Spring:

  1. Rake leaves and dead grass.
  2. Pick up broken limbs and trash around the yard.
  3. Loosen up the soil surface with a rake and reseed brown or bare spots.
  4. If your lawn looks dry, water it.
  5. If you have had a lot of water and warm temperatures, cut your grass now.

By Kayla Arnold 22 Feb, 2017

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By Master Account 05 Dec, 2016

Looking for a way to add value, privacy, and/or security to your home? Installing a fence to your property may be a great option to accomplish one or all of these benefits. Not only will it be useful to you to add a functional and ornate detail to improve the quality of your land, but it will also potentially add marketability to your home when you are preparing to sell (Realty Times Staff, 2015). A fence can add aesthetic beauty to your home through inherently through curb appeal, but also by protecting the surrounding landscaping as well from animals who may wander into your yard (Williams, 2015). It can also make you feel more secure when you have pets or children running around your yard. As the Realty Times Staff writes, “What having a more beautiful home and more privacy brings for homeowners outweighs the potential loss of profits when selling” (2015). However, it is necessary to consider whether the type of fence you are considering will blend in with the homes around you. If you are in a more secluded area, your fencing choice may rely more heavily on your personal preferences. Within a neighborhood area, your choice and placement of fencing more be a little more dependent on the norms of those around you (Tidewater Fence, n.d.).


With regard to finances, the amount of monetary value that will be added will likely vary depending on type of materials used in the construction of your fence. Building fences such as privacy fences or cast iron fences tend to have a greater return on investment financially due to its high quality; yet, fences of all types can be of value as long as there is a strong need for its placement and the design of the fence coordinates with the current style of your property. Doing this in itself will ultimately increase the value of your fence (HGTV, n.d.). Hoback Fencing offers wood, aluminum/wrought, chain link, and vinyl for both residential or commercial uses.


            If you are interested in building a fence and would like to have a consultation, contact Hoback Fencing to discuss your project.



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By Master Account 15 Nov, 2016

With any type of project, a little planning a head of time can help create a hassle-free experience. When adding a fence to your property, there are a few things that you should determine before construction beings.

  • Check with your HOA to be sure there are no restrictions on fence installation or if there are style guidelines in effect for your community.
  • Locate your property lines.
  • Obtain the required building permits. Building codes and local zoning ordinances may restrict your fence installation, both in terms of height and design.
  • Contact your local utility companies to help you determine the location of underground gas, water and power lines. 
  • Determine the needs/wants from the fence.
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